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…About Bob Duncan

On-course performance really is THE PRIORITY in golf. In developing the Golfer Positioning System I found an easy and fun way to teach on-course ‘play of the game’. Rather than focus solely on range repetition that fails on the course, I spent 30 years finding the secret on-course playing principles that produce exceptional ‘play’ and lower scores. Your extraordinary improvement in how you play golf is the best evaluation of my career.

  • 30 Year PGA Teaching Professional, RiverRidge GC, Eugene, OR
  • Developer of the Golfer Positioning System
  • Over 30 Years of Teaching and Coaching Experience
  • Over 9,000 Hours of Instruction
  • Master Clubfitter – Henry-Griffitts
  • Custom Fit Over $1,600,000 in Golf Equipment
  • Author: The GolfeCoach, Techniques, Habits, & Mindset for High Performance Golf
  • Freelance Golf Writer, Golf Today Northwest
  • Australia — Absolute Golf Affiliate Teaching Professional
  • MasterMind & Mentorship Advanced Junior Program