Find a GPS Pro

Find a GPS Pro

G P S Certified Teaching Professionals
Dedicated to Your Performance On the Course!


Doyle_SmallG P S is a game changer! As a coach, I can now ensure my students see improvement on the golf course, not just the driving range. I always felt something was missing, and G P S was the missing piece. I use G P S in my junior program of over 200 kids with our goal to create excellent players on the course.”
Justin Doyle Lead Instructor, Southern California Golf Association, Los Angeles,


jeff photo“Growing up playing golf we learned about lies, stances, and grass conditions, but with modern golf instruction all we see is swing form and data profiles. This leaves a gaping hole in a golfer’s ability to play the shot that suits the conditions, and therefore struggles with playing the game. G P S is the art of playing golf that renders the range-only launch monitor data virtually uselelss. Play G P S!”
Jeff Mansfield, Australia PGA, Sydney, Australia,,


chris_garrison_photo (2)“From new golfers in player development programs to seasoned players in our Performance Academy and short game schools, G P S has something for everyone. G P S has taken my on course teaching to an entirely new level…say goodbye to old school course management!”
Chris Garrison, PGA of America, Vancouver, Washington,


Head shot Hawaii“Teaching my students on course with G P S has truly changed the way they think of playing golf. It has become easier for them and more fun! They are getting better results so much faster and their scores are dropping!”
Karen Walker, LPGA Class A Teaching Professional, Santa Clarita, CA 208-720-4495, email

–David Reckless, Australia PGA, Sydney, Australia,

–Paul Buchanan, Australia Teaching Professional, Gold Coast, Australia,

–Sean McGowan, PGA of America, Tampa, FL,

–John Grothe, PGA of America, Canby, OR,

–Bryan Ferguson, Australia PGA, Melbourne, Australia