G P S Launch Pro

The G P S
Launch Pro

Why is it easier to hit the ball straight on the range and so hard to hit it straight on the golf course?

News flash: The golf course is not flat!

New from the developer of the Golfer Positioning System comes the G P S Launch Pro Phone App!

In this organic video, learn the effects and influences that side hills have on your ball flight, and your consistency ( or lack of it! ).

C'mon, you didn't really think that grooving your swing on a flat lie would really work on a side hill lie, did you?

Check out the G P S Launch Pro in the Apple App store and the Google Play store!

And while you're at it, see what the G P S Player's Academy PLAYBOOK can do for you. Learn the game where you PLAY the game - on the golf course.

The PLAYBOOK has the 'plays' that you need to accelerate your learning process. Click the pic!