G P S Player’s Academy PLAYBOOK Previews

G P S Player's Academy PLAYBOOK Previews

The G P S Player's Academy PLAYBOOK is the
blueprint for on-course success. G P S on-course
playing principles include:

G P S is On-Course training for what you'll encounter when you play...

"I'm all over this PLAYBOOK! Just the Short Game Calibration system is worth the price of admission. It's very in-depth!"
- K. Haddon Miller

AIf you've ever wondered why your swing succeeds -- or fails! -- the G P S PLAYBOOK is your playing resource.

It's full of playing solutions!

There are at least 7 G P S Ball Flight influences on your next shot, and only one of them is your swing!


G P S Techniques and Tactics focuses on basic techniques -- knowing what you have and what you're trying to do with your setup and swing...