G P S Player’s Academy PLAYBOOK Previews

G P S Player's Academy

The G P S Player's Academy PLAYBOOK is the
blueprint for on-course success. G P S on-course
playing principles empower you to play better golf!

G P S is On-Course training for what you'll encounter when you play. Click here for more...

"I'm all over this PLAYBOOK! Just the Short Game Calibration system is worth the price of admission. It's very in-depth!"
- K. Haddon Miller

if you've ever wondered why your swing succeeds -- or fails! -- the G P S PLAYBOOK is your playing resource.

It's full of playing solutions!

There are at least 7 G P S Ball Flight influences on your next shot, and only one of them is your swing!

G P S Techniques and Tactics focuses on basic techniques -- knowing what you want to do with your setup and swing and how it changes on the course.