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G P S University for Teaching & Coaching Professionals

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  • Learn On-Course Playing Principles
  • Directly Affect Players' Trajectory, Curvature, and Distance
  • Learn to coach On-Course Solutions for highly effective results
  • Pros, College & HS Coaches encouraged to learn on-course!
  • Coach a long term Path to Predictability
  • Expand business with a true Player Development Program
  • Enjoy a strong Return on Investment with G P S University

What our Certified Pros are saying...

"If you don't know G P S, you'll never play golf to your fullest potential. G P S is playing golf!"

— Jeff Mansfield, Australia PGA

Sydney, Australia

“I highly recommend hosting a G P S Player’s Academy at your course.  Bob’s expertise in this area must be introduced to your students.  Best of all, you provide the follow-up instruction and grow your teaching.  I’ll have him back next year!”

— Chris Garrison, PGA

Vancouver, WA

"Teaching my students on course with G P S has truly changed the way they think of playing golf - it's so much easier and more fun! The results are great and their scores are dropping!”

— Karen Walker, LPGA

Santa Clarita, CA

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