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  • Learn On-Course Playing Principles
  • Directly Affect Players' Trajectory, Curvature, and Distance
  • Learn to coach On-Course Solutions for highly effective results
  • Pros, College & HS Coaches encouraged to learn on-course!
  • Coach a long term Path to Predictability
  • Expand business with a true Player Development Program
  • Enjoy a strong Return on Investment with G P S University

What our Certified Pros are saying...

"If you don't know G P S, you'll never play golf to your fullest potential. G P S is playing golf!"

— Jeff Mansfield, Australia PGA

Sydney, Australia

“I highly recommend hosting a G P S Player’s Academy at your course.  Bob’s expertise in this area must be introduced to your students.  Best of all, you provide the follow-up instruction and grow your teaching.  I’ll have him back next year!”

— Chris Garrison, PGA

Vancouver, WA

"Teaching my students on course with G P S has truly changed the way they think of playing golf - it's so much easier and more fun! The results are great and their scores are dropping!”

— Karen Walker, LPGA

Santa Clarita, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I begin registration?

Target date to open registration for certification is January 15, 2017.

Why should a coach get certified for on-course performance?

That's where the game is played, so these on-course principles should be addressed by professionals.

Why should High School or College coaches get certified too?

Some players have their own swing coaches. HS and College coaches can work with players on how to play the game on the course whether they are also working on their players swings or not.   And, these coaches may actually see them play more than other pros or swing coaches.

What is different about on-course performance?

Maybe the question should be, what ISN'T different about on-course performance? There are multiple influences on the course that affect trajectory, curvature, and distance. There are few influences like these on the range. Scores and handicaps are not given out for range performance.

If a movement or play is to be effective, it needs to be evaluated on the course more than on the range.