G P S Launch Pro

below feet


Do you know where your ball is supposed to go?

On side-slopes like this one, it is supposed to go in the direction of the slope - in this case to the player's right. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

What if you had an app that measured the slope and would tell you how far off line your ball will go - and how to play the shot?

G P S App screenshot 1 hi resMeet the G P S Launch Pro Phone App!

For the first time in the industry, there is a definite explanation for how far off line the ball should go on a sideslope. Based on a complex algorithm (math stuff) the G P S Launch Pro teaches you how to play slopes on the golf course.

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Pick your yardage and club - then hold the G P S Launch Pro on the angle of the hillside, tap the golf ball to lock the screen. The Launch Pro will calculate how much to Aim Right or Aim Left. The directions in the red box will coach you on how to play the shot!

G P S Launch Pro Screenshot 3C'mon - let's face it - the ball is supposed to go right on a slope to the right, and left on a slope to the left. As a player, you should adapt to the hill for predictability rather than fight the hill to hit it straight. If you know where it should go, then it's much easier to figure out how to get it to go there...

The G P S Launch Pro supports the main principles of the G P S program: Don't fight the golf course! Work WITH the course, and not against it!