On Course Lessons

Play the game you were meant to play.

Golf is played out here. G P S on-course lessons are the most direct and effective way to improve your game. It has to work here...

  • New! G P S Cross Training!
  • G P S Player's Extended Coaching
  • G P S 1/2 Day Training
  • G P S Hourly Programs
  • *10 hrs  *7 hrs  *5 hrs  *3 hrs
  • Junior Golf Mentorship Program
  • 2-Player Packages
  • Group Lesson Packages

Private G P S Programs

Extend your instruction and coaching program up to 3 months or more!

* G P S Extended             $895

1/2 Day Training              $325

10 Hour Program             $495

7 Hour Program               $350

5 Hour Program               $275

3 Hour Program               $175


*extended program 2 hrs / week for 12 weeks

5 one hour Get Golf Ready group sessions for only $ per player. Form your own group or sign up. Max 10 players


G P S Junior Collegiate Mentorship Program

Let's train your Junior Golfer's swing and game with the G P S Junior Collegiate Mentorship Program. Includes four 1 hour+ lessons per month, in session range balls and on-course fees, and a focus on training to play college golf. Free swing checkups during the week. Free personal webpage/videos included. $100 / mo. min 3 mo.

The Friendly but Eager PGA Junior League - click here for more...

Individual Junior Lessons - 1 hour  $40


Golf "Cross Training"

Whether you are a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced player, combine G P S On-Course Player Development and Get Golf Ready to help you learn, train, and progress faster! Form your own group of 3 or more or sign up for a scheduled program and enjoy any of the following:

G P S Cross Training I     Best combo: Learning/Coaching/Training.  2 one hour+ optional sessions/wk - up to 3 months. Max 8 players


G P S Cross Training II     Three 1-hour Learning/Coaching/Training sessions in one week each month. Leaves room for play and performance improvements between sessions. Max 8 players


G P S Beginners Training    We won't abandon you - you're an Exceptionally Valuable Player!  Two 90-minute group Learning/Coaching/Training sessions every week for 2 months - a total of 24 hours! Max 10 players