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Eldridge Miles
“Bob Duncan’s Golfer Positioning System is very in-depth and has a lot of great information you won’t find elsewhere. We all know it’s more than a golf swing, and GPS has the information you’re looking for to get beyond the swing and play the game!”
Eldridge Miles PGA Pro, Dallas, Texas

Tom Labissonaire
“I was, needless to say, very frustrated with my game and truly ready to hang it up. Thanks to you my handicap has dropped from 14 to 11 and my attitude and approach to the game is much better. Your approach to teaching the game has been a series of Ah Ha’s to me…the approach and method you use to break down each shot makes so much sense to me that I am having fun again!”
Tom Labissonaire Bend, OR
Joanne Michael
“Wow, I’m thrilled about GPS! I’ve told you before, NO ONE is doing what you are for your students and the game of golf. I know what you’ve done for me and I’ll always be grateful!”

Joanne Michael Bend, OR
Peter Warren
“GPS? It’s invaluable, even for beginners! I’ve only played for 9 months and I can’t believe what I’ve learned!”

Peter Warren Sydney, Australia
Brian Lekan
“It finally happened – I’ve officially improved my golf game! I played 9 holes today and had a 9 shot improvement! Golf was actually fun. Thanks to you and GPS, overall – a great day playing golf! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

Brian Lekan Bend, OR