G P S stories by players inspired to play better golf on the course.

David McLay Kidd screenshot

David McLay Kidd

International Golf Course Designer

Tom Labissoniere handshake

Tom Labissoniere

Famous Amateur Golfer

Skip Howard

Skip Howard

Famous Amateur Golfer


Justin Doyle

SCGA Lead Instructor

Los Angeles, CA

Joanne Michael Pic

Joanne Michael

Famous Amateur Golfer

chris_garrison_photo (2)

Chris Garrison

PGA Pro, Vancouver, WA

Karen Head shot Hawaii

Karen Walker

LPGA Teaching Professional

Santa Clarita, CA

Ben Seligson

Ben Seligson

Famous Amateur Golfer

"G P S is a game changer! As a coach, I can now ensure my students see improvement on the golf course, not just the driving range. I always felt something was missing, and G P S was the missing piece. I use G P S in my junior program of over 200 kids with our goal to create excellent players on the course."

"Wow, I'm thrilled about G P S! I've told you before, NO ONE is doing what you are for your students and the game of golf. I know what you've done for me and I'll always be grateful!”

“I highly recommend hosting a G P S Player’s Academy at your course.  Bob’s expertise in this area must be introduced to your students.  Best of all, you provide the follow-up instruction and grow your teaching.  I’ll have him back again very soon!”

"Teaching my students on the course with G P S has truly changed the way they think on the course.  It has become much easier for them and more fun! They are getting better results so much faster, and their scores are dropping!"

"As I spent 10 years trying to perfect the setup and groove the swing, after awhile I found it didn't translate into better scores. Now I'm reading the course conditions and learning where I want to hit it as opposed to trying to hit the perfect shot. You need to know more about what the course is giving you rather than forcing things to happen. It sure is a lot more fun!"