The System

The System

Play masterful golf without improving your golf swing.

Some lies are so good...

...It seems as if you can't help but hit a good shot.  But really, there are very few lies on the golf course as good as the lies you get on the range.

Flyer lie

The Golfer Positioning System

G P S s a unique playing system that involves the on-course playing lessons you've never been taught. The problem is, while the swing is taught on flat ground, the game is played on everything else...

G P S is on-course

G P S provides essential tools for deciding how to play your next shot, and what the ball will do. For many golf seems so random, but for G P S Players, golf has become far more predictable!

Play the easiest shot

Ben Hogan said that to play better golf he always chose the easiest shot to play. As a G P S player, this is a big piece of the puzzle. Not how to hit it straight all the time, but to know the trajectory, curvature, and distance your next shot will go.

It is a creative approach to an age-old problem.  Start playing the course to your advantage.