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G P S - The Premiere On-Course "PLAYING" Program!

What IS G P S?

The Golfer Positioning System (G P S) is an in-depth training program that teaches golfers effective play on the course. Training your golf swing on the range is important, but it all changes on the golf course. Imagine if you spent as much time learning the game on the course as you do learning your swing on the range? Click here for a G P S Program. Did you know: on just a 4 degree slope above your feet can send a sand wedge 10 yards off line?

More About G P S

Play golf swing, or golf game?

Start with your swing and clubfitting with Master Clubfitter and Oregon PGA Teacher of the Year Bob Duncan using Ping and KZG Golf, and custom fit your putter with a Directed Force Putter. Want consistency? Predictability? To truly improve your game you need to find performance you've never had before: Find it in the G P S PLAYBOOK. Learn G P S - a cutting-edge on-course program that gets amazing results where you need it the most. There's no smoke and mirrors - if you learn where you play golf, you'll learn to play better golf!

On Course Lessons

You have a swing - use it on the course!

G P S is different - on purpose! It's not beating range balls where the lie never changes or mandating a massive amount of practice. Golf is played on a course that is not flat! Whether a private program or a G P S Extended Cross Training, the course is where many programs can't take you - they are built on that perfect lie. And just as different are Directed Force Putters - You have to try one! Now it's all about your read of the green!Click here for a 7 hour On-Course program...

We Believe...

G P S Launch Pro Phone App

ALL NEW TRAINING SYSTEM: It's the G P S On-Course Launch Pro Phone App! The first "shot prediction" software for your Android Phone, you enter the yardage, your club choice, and the G P S Launch Pro will measure the side slope, where you should aim, and tell you how to play the shot. After all, the course is not flat!

Launch Pro Slope Performance App

Improve Your Game On the Course!

G P S Launch Pro Phone App

G P S University is International

G P S is growing quickly and internationally with the G P S University program. This program is recognized by Teaching and Coaching Professionals for a high level of performance, player reach in groups, and increasing on-course business.

"The Certification videos are wonderful. A golfer could get better just by watching them but G P S is a new take on teaching. I can highly recommend your program. 🙂" - Sam W. Adams, Founder/Owner, Essentially Golf, McCormick, SC
Teaching and Coaching Professionals click here

What they say about G P S...

"G P S learning on the golf course is PERFECT!"

- David McLay Kidd, Golf Course Designer


"Awesome job!  I love what you're doing and know it can help so many golfers!"

- Tim Mitchell, PGA Teaching Professional, Pelican Hill GC, Newport Beach, CA

More G P S Testimonials...

Are you learning on the course?

Your on-course performance is more important than your range performance - and it's different because you count your score on the course!  With G P S, it HAS to work on the golf course or we don't teach it.

What is your On-Course Golf IQ?

Ready to start on your game?

The G P S Player's Academy is a fantastic learning experience whether 1-on-1 or in a group setting. Emerald Valley Golf Course in Eugene, Oregon is the home of G P S and the 2016 National Champion Oregon Ducks golf team. Bob also teaches in Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia from November through March. You have a golf swing, and G P S teaches you the critical aspects of shotmaking on the course. Let's put your G P S Player's Academy together today and chart your course to becoming a shotmaker!

Group G P S Academy Barnbougle Dunes
1-on-1 or group G P S Academies with PGA Pro Bob Duncan.